Peter Branka in the press and on posters:



Die Presse, January 1993

Excerpt from the article     „Es lebe die Provinz“

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Announcement for „Aberdeen Mass“, May 2005

aberdeener messe1

„With the world premiere of „Northland Rhapsodie“, the conductor presented a young composer who was able to  create the beauty of Scandinavia and to show the dark side of savage nature with his music. Peter Branka was celebrated with standing ovations...“ Niederösterreichische Nachrichten, August 2000


„With this piece of music, that had already been performed successfully, Branka could show that he not only has a heart for music, but also for children, because the musical „The Christmas Apple“ is dedicated to children“. Wiener Wochenblatt, December 1985





 Artikel about  Mystica“ (chorus music)



„One of the highlights of this evening was the world premiere of „Moonlight“ and „Starry Night“, 2 pieces of music that were written by the composer Peter Branka … especially for the music school…“ Niederösterreichische Nachrichten, March 2007

„This melody swings! The young Marilyn flies around the stage with the dancers, the audience is thrilled. A new musical-hit was born!“ Kurier, February 1992



Poster for theatres about the Musical „Rainbow Girl“



Poster for benefit performance „Tsunami victims“ in April 2005

Rita Nikodim sung the song „At the Seine“ from the Musical