Chicago Express 355

Concert for piano and orchestra.

Duration approx. 16 minutes, 1 movement.

This oevre is „film music without a film“, which depicts a train journey from different angles of an imaginary camera. For instance during departure of the steam engine, the wheels are shown, or, later, the vehicle is seen on the horizon as it crosses the snowy landscape like a childrens‘ railway. One can virtually see the train entering a tunnel and coming out again with powerful thunder...


     Orchestral ensemble:

  • 1 x piano
  • 2 x flute
  • 2 x oboe
  • 2 x clarinet in B
  • 2 x bassoon
  • 4 x horn in F
  • 3 x trumpet in B
  • 2 x trombone
  • 1 x tuba
  • 1 x drums
  • 1 x timbal
  • string players



Sample 1   

Sample 2                                             



     Complete musical workpiece (1.55min; 8.3MB)

     Score & individual parts complete