Information Concerning the download of sheet music and Music download

You can download sheet music from all musicals, except for „Rainbow Girl“. The bottom of the pages shows a running number plus the title of the respective work.

The individual parts show the instrument together with the sheet music. This will prevent mixing up the correct sequence. The spacing of the sheet music was designed to allow hole-punching for a binder (see picture). All files have been compressed (zip). With one click, you can access all scores and sheet music for each work. A programme to extract the files can be obtained for free on the internet, e.g. Winrar.

If you download the material, you are allowed to produce the required number of scores for rehearsing and performing the related piece. However, this free download does not influence the author’s royalty entitlements, which are a legal right, in case of a performance. All performances have to be reported to the respective body for music rights in the relevant country.


The music samples are stored as WMA, whereas all music for download is stored as MP3. All large music files have been compressed. They can be opened using Winrar.

A public performance of the pieces can only be made after contact to and approval from the composer. Therefore, an email has to be sent to the contact address. In any case, a performance has to be reported to the respective body for music rights in each country, because in any case, there are compulsory royalties for the composer and the texter.